October 31, 2010

reposting for the event

I am sending some of my recipes to the event "Only - Festive Event" .

1. Badusha
2. Alasanda Sunni
3. Palli Pakoda
4. Sukhadi
5. Vermicelli Halwa
6. Carrot Kheer
7. Puffed Rice with Coconut
8. Spicy Roasted Peanuts
9. Sattu Pindi
10. Rava Kesari
11. Ridge Gourd Fritters
12. Ulli Garelu
13. Bellam Pongali
14. Mokkajonna Pakam Garelu
15. Sabudana Chivda
16. Katte Pongali
17. Plantain Fritters
18. Aratipandu Appalu
19. Mint and Rice Crackers


  1. Nice recipes.Perfect for the event

  2. Lovely yummy list.., wish I could make sweets like you did, I don't have anybody to eat here!!!, and no friends to share either, such a sad state.., that is why sometimes I feel I miss India.
    perfect timing to post these for diwali..


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