March 27, 2011

reposting for the event

I am sending some of my recipes to MLLA 33 hosted by Dee and started by Susan

  1. Indian Broad Bean Seeds Curry
  2. Palak Mangodi
  3. Roasted Gram Jaggery Laddu
  4. Amaranth Leaves with Toor Dal
  5. Dates and Roasted Gram Laddu
  6. Peanut Burfi
  7. Coconut and Toor Dal Chutney
  8. Spicy Tood Dal and Coconut Powder
  9. Plantain Masala Vada
  10. Deep Fried Chana Dal
  11. Puffed Rice and Green Peas Upma
  12. Beans Pesara Patoli
  13. Red Pumpkin Usli
  14. Beetroot with Spiced Dalia Powder
  15. Eggplants with Spiced Dalia Powder
  16. Spicy Dalia Powder
  17. Kandi Pachadi
  18. Tomato Toor Dal Chutney
  19. Kandi Podi
  20. Spinach and Toordal Stir fry
  21. Pesara Vadiyalu
  22. Pesara Ulii Pachadi
  23. Garlicky Peanuts
  24. Vermicelli & Roasted Gram Chakli
  25. Boondi Laddu
  26. Red Pumpkin Curry with Besan
  27. Plantain with Besan
  28. Alasanda Sunni
  29. Palli Pakoda
  30. Spicy Peanuts and Coconut Powder
  31. Coconut Peanuts Chutney
  32. Coconut Dalia Chutney
  33. Spicy Roasted Peanuts
  34. Oats Peanuts Laddu
  35. Oats Dalia Laddu
  36. Beans Curry with Poppy Seeds
  37. Beans Kobbari Karam
  38. Sweet and Sour Beans Curry
  39. Roasted Gram Laddu
  40. Roasted Gram Coconut Laddu
  41. Palleela Chimmili
  42. Peanut Laddu
  43. Sunnundalu
  44. Chitti Vadiyalu
  45. Amaranth Leaves and Moong Dal Fry
  46. Annamlo Podi


  1. I have an award waiting for you
    Just scroll to the bottom of the page...

  2. Thanks for stopping by my space.Loved your space you do have a wonderful collection of recipes.I am just amazed the ways you have used lentils.

  3. Oh my this is so tempting that curry ...just drooling


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