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December 18, 2011

Chikoo Milkshake ~ Sapota Milk Shake Recipe

Ingredients :
  • Sapota / Chikoo : 1 cup ( peeled, deseeded, chopped )
  • Boiled and Cooled Milk : 1 cup
  • Sugar to taste
  • Ice Cubes
Method :

1. In a blender, add the chopped chikoo fruit, sugar and milk and blend until smooth. 

2. Add more milk if you want a thinner consistency. 

3. Then add the ice cubes and blend it again for a few seconds. 

4. Pour the milkshake into glasses and serve immediately.


  1. good old yummy chickoo milkshake...i can never say no to this. a dash of vanilla essence with this drink tastes great too :-)

  2. Chiku shake is one of my fav:-) Such a refreshing drink!

  3. not a chikoo fan. but this one loos absolutely yum! :)
    - Kavi
    (Edible Entertainment)

  4. My fav. Looking forward to my India trip to have some.

  5. So refreshing & healthy ;)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  6. I miss chikoo so much out here, one of my favorite fruits. Love this drink!

  7. My hubby's fav fruit,looks refreshing dear..

  8. Very delicious and comforting milkshake.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. healthy and tummy filling drink :)

  10. dear, a Fabulous Blog Award is waiting for you at my space. I will be happy if you could drop in and collect it :)

  11. Very healthy, refreshing and my favourite drink.


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