June 7, 2011

Vermicelli Bisi Bele Bath with Sambar Powder

Ingredients :

Vermicelli : 200 gms
Toor Dal : 100 gms
Drumsticks : 2
Chopped Eggplants : 50 gms
Chopped Onion : 50 gms
Chopped Carrots : 50 gms
Chopped Tomato : 50 gms
Chopped Green Chillies : 4
Tamarind Extract : 1/2 cup
Sambar Powder : 1 to 2 tsp
Mustard Seeds : 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds : 1 tsp
Dried Red chillies : 2
Cloves : 4 or 5
Cinnamon Stick : small piece
Curry Leaves : 2 sprigs
Coriander Leaves : small bunch
Oil : 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder to taste

Method :

Bring water to boil. Add a teaspoon of oil and vermicelli. Cover and cook on medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes. When the vermicelli is cooked, strain and run cold water through it. Keep it aside. Wash and cook the toor dal in a pressure cooker for 3 whistles and set aside. Heat oil in a vessel and add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds. When they start to splutter, add the cloves, chopped green chillies, red chillies, hing, cinnamon stick and curry leaves to it and fry for a minute. Then add the all veggies and little water and mix well. Cover with a lid and let it cook completely. Now add the tamarind extract, sambar powder, salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, cooked toor dal and a cup of water to it and cook for 8 to 10 minutes. When it's done, add the boiled vermicelli and chopped fresh coriander leaves and mix well. Switch off the flame and serve hot.

Other Names : Vermicelli Bisibele Bath, Semiya Bisi Bele Baath


  1. Yummy bowl of vermicelli - I make this at times too and we love the variation

  2. Varietyga vundhi. Interesting and unusual combination of ingredients.

  3. Wow, what an excellent idea, looks and sounds superb !!!

  4. wow this sounds yummy and very innovative hari chandana...

  5. Wonderful looking dish,inviting..

  6. wonderful dish and looks inviting . following u on google followers ......

  7. That's a wonderful Creation!!Yum Yum...

  8. Ohh!! Looks colorful and a unique recipe

  9. Never got the idea of making BBB with vermicilli. Looks yummo!

  10. Interesting and unique recipe.Looks delicious and yummy

    South Indian Recipes

  11. Thats very nice idea,never thought this way,have had biryani and curd semiya but this also sounds awesome!

  12. I am always amazed at your creativity. This is a wonderful idea to use semiya.

  13. Interesting recipe... Delicious looking bowl...

  14. Love this idea ...looks so gud ...will try it

  15. Nice idea dear...
    looks delicious :)

  16. again an intresting recipe with vermicelli ...u amaze us with each recipe ...

  17. I was planning to try this one. Thanks for ur recipe...Will try for sure.



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