October 29, 2010

Alasanda Sunni ~ Black Eyed Beans Laddu

Ingredients :

Black eyed peas / White Kidney Beans : 1 cup
Jaggery : 1 cup
Melted Ghee : 1/2 cup
Cardamom Pods : 2 (Optional)

Method :

Dry roast the black eyed peas on a low flame until light brown color. Don't burn them. Remove from the flame and allow it to cool. Grind the roasted beans along with cardamom seeds into a powder. Add the jaggery and grind again. Transfer the powder into a bowl. Add the warm ghee and mix very well. Divide into equal portions and shape them into round balls. Store in a airtight container.

Other Names : Bobbarla Laddu, Alasanda Sunnundalu, Alasanda Undalu, Black Eyed Bean Laddu, Cow Peas Ladoo, Alasande Unde, Vella Payaru Laddoo, Vellai Karamani Urundai, Lobia Ladoo.


  1. Hari,

    You are Laddoo expert. Love this recipe. Can i call you Ladoo queen.

  2. wow - yummy laddoos... love the clicks again!

  3. Hari..how can update so many posts dear??
    Lovely laddoos..and I should say I can never think of making laddoos wid them....yummy

  4. This is quick and delicious :) super good sweet :)

  5. Interesting.will our preeti mixi is fine to make powder?Bocause of the hard beans

  6. very new to me...looks yummy and healthy!!

  7. Very unique laddooos, looks yumm!

  8. Black Eyed beans laddu is new for me, but it looks delicious!!!


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