November 25, 2010

Nuvvu Chimmili ~ White Sesame seeds and Jaggery Laddu

( నువ్వుల చిమ్మిలి )
Ingredients :

White Sesame Seeds : 1 cup
Grated Jaggery : 3/4 cup

Method :

Dry roast the sesame seeds till it becomes light golden color and let it cool completely. Grind the sesame seeds into powder and add the soft jaggery. Grind the sesame seeds powder and jaggery together. Divide into equal portions and shape them into round balls.

Other Names: Nuvvundalu, Nuvvula Chimmili, Nuvvu Pappu Chimmili, Noopappu Undalu, Till Laddu, Sesame Seeds Laddu.


  1. Hi Hari chandana,

    Beautiful ladoos yummy...i posted oats ladoos this morning!!:)


  2. Such delicious Laddus..Looks so good.


  3. hi,

    you have a nice blog here and I also started one recently. I am hosting an event as my first post. Please visit my blog and spread the word. Thanks in advance.

    andhra vantalu adirayi

  4. what a dish. we make naru (laddu kind of) with whole roasted seasame seeds but this one looks divine...with this melting in the mouth texture.

  5. Chhimmili looks tempting,they are sooo delicious..

  6. Love them, mom makes them usually for nag panchami :)


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